Chai hi

That venti chai from 530pm is haunting me.

Lots of thoughts!

It’s been 46 days since I’ve been on tumblr and Instagram, and spent money on things that aren’t a necessity!

I should be sleeping.

Not in the mood. Just not feeling it.



Most importantly: you’re stronger than you think.


Affair to Remember

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan

Styled by Linda Immediato

Photographed by Williams + Hirakawa

The weekend was too fun. 

Mondays are terrible.

Watch in HD! 

Dapper Day with my lovely friends!

French macarons 🇫🇷 #firsttime

French macarons 🇫🇷 #firsttime

Hypersensitivity Disorder of the Immune System

My allergies do not like this sudden change of weather aka this heat.

It’s beautiful with the sunny days and blue skies but I cant enjoy it when I’m sneezing nonstop with a tissue box readily beside me at all times. 



a woman has twins and gives them up for adoption

one of them goes to a family in egypt and is named amal the other goes to a family in spain they name him juan

years later juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. upon receiving the picture she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of amal

he responds “theyre twins if youve seen juan youve seen amal”


Because Dapper Day is on Sunday and I dont know what I’m going to wear.

Because Dapper Day is on Sunday and I dont know what I’m going to wear.